Posted by: Ray | March 21, 2008

Preparation for sea, only 6 weeks before I sail.

It’s been a busy month preparing my Yacht Christine-Marie for sea and the cruise.  New sails and GPS have been fitted and I have completed initial installation of my amateur radio gear and tested it out on air. I received some great reports from amateurs around the country, but the compass light was flashing as I operated!   šŸ™‚  … so some more work to be done to ensure the transmitter does not interfere with the ship radio or navigation instruments on board. If the weather is ok I plan to sail to Poole shortly to test the sails and new navigational gear.

I have also been busy on the computer, preparing this BLOG and the charity site web pages. I had an interesting input about another guy who is planning to go round the UK in the opposite direction to myself in a 40 ft motor launch supporting the RNLI.  I have been in contact and we might meet up on the way round, although I suspect I might just be at Dover when he is on his return home!!  šŸ™‚  A lady sailor is also sailing round in the same direction as myself apparently.

I plan to start fundraising actively when I have completed the web sites, etc.  Rethink, one of the charities I am supporting asked me to write about my daughter Anne and how my Round UK Cruise came about, as they wish to publish my story in their journal and possibly gain some promotion for me in the media.  I hope to get some support in the yachting and Amateur radio magazines I subscribe to and would like to get sponsorship from companies who manufacture some of my yacht and amateur radio equipment. So a lot of work to fit in, only 6 weeks until I sail.

Please help me gain support by letting your friends and family know about my cruise and encourage them to visit my BLOG and charity pages.


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Please visit my Round UK Cruise fund-raising page. Click on the link above to go straight to one of my pages. From this page you can access others by clicking on the tag ‘Christine Marie’ at the bottom of each page.




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