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Please note, my own Justgiving charity sites closed at the end of 2010, but links to the official charity sites can be found on my blog under links.

A BIG thank you to friends, family and everyone who has contributed to the charities to start off this adventure and to support the great work that they do for others. We are over £400 before I start!  🙂  STOP PRESS £2596 as of 28 July 2009.

Update April 2009:  I have now added a 2009 Sponsorship Poster that may be downloaded and printed.  Please help promote my challenge and the charities supported by displaying it at your work, club, village or on other public notice boards.
2009 Poster: 2009 poster
2009 Poster that may be personalised to forward to others: 2009 poster with personal introduction.
I have received several requests for further details on how to make donations, particularly for those without a computer or who do not wish to donate on-line.

This entry is for further clarification.

Firstly, let me say that all donations and any sponsorship money received will go directly to the charities.  I will be funding all expenses related to the cruise personally…..(and if you know about yachting that’s a big Ouch!!)  🙂

If you are happy to ‘shop’ on-line using your credit or debit card the most effective way to donate is through the Justgiving site. The site is simple to use, secure and has the benefit that each charity has its own page so you can select your favourite one; plus they can reclaim tax (Gift Aid) to add to your donation. Just click on the Justgiving buttons to go to the charity site. Further detail on what happens to your donation is on that page.

            Rethink                   Marie Curie                        RNLI

Please visit my Round UK Cruise fund-raising page. Click on the link above to go straight to one of my pages. From this page you can access others by clicking on the tag ‘Christine Marie’ at the bottom of each page.

For those who might bank on-line, but prefer not to pay with credit or debit cards; or for those without personal use of computers, a savings account has been set up with the Halifax. Donations may be paid into this account and will be split equally between the three charities above. Payments may be made in person at any Halifax or Bank of Scotland branch, by post to those local branches, or via any on-line banking.

Please make cheques or payments to:  R Oliver

sort code 11-05-47,  A/c No 00725187. 

The Savings account has no charges for cheques paid in, all donations will be logged and withdrawals to the three charities in equal amounts may only be made by myself using a passbook at a Halifax Branch. This ensures security for your money and that all donations and withdrawals are available for audit.  A BIG Thank you to the helpful staff at the Halifax who opened the A/C with a £20 donation.

Hope that helps answer some of the questions.

Now back to sailing!  🙂  The next update will be early May after I sail to Brighton via Beaulieu, Portsmouth, Chichester & Littlhampton..  Some dates for those that might be able to make it down to Lymington to see us off. Would be great to see friends, family and those from the charities.  

25 April 2008:  7 pm Drinks with crew, family and friends.   Lymington Town Sailing Club, Lower Deck Bar.
26 April 2008:    ‘ Official Send off’, photos, press …. Sail East from Lymington Yacht Haven Marina, 10-11 am.  Berth A27.



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