Passage Plan


Passage Plan 2008 - 2009

Passage Plan 2008 - 2009


I plan to set sail at the end of April 2008 to achieve my goal to sail Round the UK in my yacht Christine Marie.

I do not intend to race round:  I have no fixed schedule or timetable other than to arrive in Scotland by the end of August before the weather deteriorates.

My plan is to cruise round, taking my time to visit the ports and harbours around the coast.  I want to enjoy the scenery, new places and experiences and hopefully make new friends along the way.  It will be a significant challenge for me. 

My passage will take me anti-clockwise round the UK sailing an estimated total of 3000M before I return to my base in the Solent at the end of 2009. 



The green line indicates my route to Scotland with my first leg of 400M from Lymington to Whitby, visiting ports along the way and possibly a cruise cross-channel from Dover to Boulogne if weather and time permit. 


The second leg will take me to Scotland where I must make a decision on whether to sail on up towards the Orkneys or cruise through the Caledonian Canal to Oban on the West coast.  This will depend on the weather, time I arrive, crew and where I plan to over-winter the yacht in a sheltered and safe location.   


The red line indicates my return passage in 2009, with a possible alternative route shown in blue. Detailed organisation and passage planning will need to be completed from one port to the next, closer to the time of sailing. 


Update 2009:   During 2008 I reached Oban on the west coast of Scotland where I have over-wintered the yacht.  My plan for 2009 is to set sail early April, making a loop clockwise northwards to cruise the Scottish Highlands, visiting the Orkney Islands and returning to Oban via Inverness and the Caledonian Canal. (Shown in Pink)



I then resume my return passage home in late May or eary June, arriving Lymington September.    


The dotted red line shows possible cruising on passage.

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